Skin by storm heart

dont reply here and u dont ask for followers, u gain them @ManagePasswords hide the reply from me and desert

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Why delete when i can move it?

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Bruh EFFORTTTTT actually put in some eof that effort

First off WHT IS THT second off the photo r all wrong size

I think you can try to spend more time on the skin but nice start.


um sry to say but u need to change ur pfp bc tht fire-water thing is taking

Um sorry to say but you need to stop telling people what to do on the forum, its not getting you anywhere. Just calm down lmao


Your bossy now stay on topic

um all you did was color the original skin

um how i am just stating facts???

Nobody has to change there profile just because ur telling them too its rude

Yeah it is good. It could be better fix the size and do not use chrome Canvas.

Wow. I don’t think you should be talking. Look at your status: “The man, the myth, the detective. everyone is sus and so is urmum.” Like wtf :joy:

And let’s end it there and not argue anymore.

um who r u to talk have u seen my pfp i bet ur not even ranked how long have u even been playing also now tht u sed this there is no end i have a lot of hate msg coming ur way

Calm down lol being ranked high isn’t everything

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i don’t give a f u think u can come it like u know wht i’ve been through and insult me like i’ve met u news flash i haven’t so u should keep ur spec glasses to ur dumb self before this gos any long

Hey look I’m sorry if you felt insulted, I didn’t mean that. I’m just saying that you could put more time into making the skin.