Skin by velocity


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my skin is awesome dont question

Did you use images from google :neutral_face:

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If I google image search will I get smth

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i used google images to Photoshop everything
but the sword

the sword was my oringal design

So your an original design is a 3d sword for a 2d game? And you used photoshop to make a 3d animated sword?

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also i didnt use photo shop on the sword that i made using a designing software

Sry I don’t believe you but at least for the player image you can’t use any thing from google nearly everything there is copyright witch means that they can charge people who use there stuff with out consent

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ok i see why you dont believe me but i am not lying about the sword that i made but i do admit that i used google pictures to photo shop them to make my character like i already said

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Try not to use Photoshop. Also sword is messy

Skin needs work and the sword looks copyrighted

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