Skin dino... made by stek7


Have you got a sword?

I have a feeling its copyied from somwhere

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estou trabalhando nisso… falta criatividade

I’m working on it… lack of creativity


Tell me something that was invented in recent times from scratch? tell me a word that was never said or written?

Okay. Want me to remove the background for you?

o background foi removido mas na hora do upload deu algum conflito e o background saiu assim, mas vou corrigir


bro it was copied and pasted i have seen this desighn before but you might have made it not likely though.

Did image search


haha i am sorry but there is prof there


Unfortunate. Buuuuut you just gave me a skin idea :D

Lmao background gave it

LOL Stik stopped talking after we knew this skin was just a recolor of the second one shown

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like it, u can pm/dm me for my suggestions

ooohhhh lizzy lizzy lizzy DIDNT U READ its copyrighted

this skin is from a project that I was part of since the beginning, but the creator abandoned the project… and since it was from the beginning and I gave tips, I thought I had the right to use the skin. game name dino batle… The game went bankrupt

Closing topic because it has a just going to be a augment post in post skins for cosmic to review