Skin Idea/Concept (7): The "Red Revenant" Skin.

Sup, my G’s. Today your boy G-MAN has another skin Concept for ya’ll to eat up. This wickedly cool skin is the Red Revenant (For those who don’t Revenant is another word for someone who returns from the grave). This skin would cost 120,000 and it’s flavor text would be, “I don’t bleed anymore, but you do.” Chilling, isn’t it?
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The Red Revenant skin and The Specter sword. Guess who inspired me for this design. If you guesses @Shadowblade the your right.


I don’t know why, but I feel like I could make lore for SB. Like a full on hidden story just through the map, skins, and other in-game stuff.

@gautam , is there any lore in the game?

I mean sometimes people make fun stories for the game but nothing official

I can think of soooooo many ways to add skins that I see into the games non-existent lore…hmmm…wonder if I can change that and add lore into the game through skins and flavor text. Hard, but not impossible.


Game lore: Gautam makes game similar to yohoho io because his peers were disapointed that yohoho is not a real online multiplayer game.
He makes swordbattle, a game for the kaboom game jam.
oops, game very unorganised because he made it in a week.
Takes 1 year to create v2 after it was announced.
Swordbattle gets popular because he adds it to some popular games sites.
The end-story so far

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Now we need to add random stuff that creates a complex story thats fabricated together by facts and pieces of Gautam’s mind, in which would be told through small easter eggs and clues through skin’s designs, flavor text, the map itself, and even things said in community. Add all that together and you get lore. Thanks to you telling all that info now I just gotta find a way to blend that story withe the game, using already made factors since I’m not a dev. No better person to help create lore than me! G-MAN is on it.

florb is lore

florb? whats florb?


G, thats so random an funny.

florb = lore
its literally the only lore in the game fr

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This is probably the most underrated skin I´ve made.

Ngl I don’t know where the eyes are

the little white dots in the center.