Skin Idea/Concept (8): The "Penguin" Skin

G-MAN back with another skin Idea, but another one that’s specifically based/for a certain player. In todays case that player would be @penguin. This is the Penguin skin and it would cost 30,000, because a truly cute design should be expensive. The flavor text would be, “Waddling warrior.”
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The Penguin skin and the Ice Shaver sword. First Arctic Glacier, then @Wasd, and now @penguin. I’m thinking of maybe doing @ShadowCvefy next…


Soon ya’ll be able to have tea time with your own custom skins (if Gautam is fine with it.)

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Penguin skin already exists and as the unofficial #1 penguin of swordbattle. I approve frumpy’s design over yours. Sorry.
It’s still good tho.
Also people can only get custom skins after getting #10 on leaderboard…

NOOOOO!!! Its still CHILL tho. Hoped you liked it.

pun intended

I guess you can keep on making art but keep in mind some skin ideas are already made

What if I redesigned the color scheme an sword for this one? Is there a duck skin in the game already?

Hmm maybe, keep in mind the skin has to be almost completely circular and the sword has to be longer

Nah its circular, it fits right in with default (i use default base when building my skins), and I can make the sword longer no problem. I could use a duck, swan, goose, pigeon, or literally any bird for this skin. I just chose penguin cuz I did WASD now I wanted to do you.

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nice skin!

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thanks, but theres already a penguin skin in the game, Penguin told me. So instead I’ll change it to a duck or somethin.

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Change is fine, since I can still keep the base design and just change the color scheme and the sword.

whats the difference between skin concepts and skins

Skins are actually in the game. Concepts are stuff that we, skin creators (i’m one of the chillest), show off an send to Gautam. The ones he likes he’ll put in game. I think hes already putting one of mine in the next update, when it comes.

the skins great
A. there already is one like Penguin said
B. needs to be a bit more circular

I’m telling you, every skin I make is circular, but as soon as I change the format to 300x300 then it becomes like an oval.

u r good at skins. @gautam

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Nice skin! It could be more circular though.

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None it is just some people call it concepts since they aren’t sure if it will get ingame or not