Skin Idea/Concept (8): The ¨Roach¨ Skin

G-MAN is here with the most understandable (and annoying) skin I’ve made yet. This smiling pal is the ¨Roac¨ skin and this little bugger would cost around 500-6,000 coins. His flavor text would most likely be, ¨1000 shanks a second from the dot on your screen.¨
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This is the ¨Roach¨ skin and the ¨Noob Spray¨ sword. This sword was made with all the roachers in mind in the SwordBattle community.


Wouldn’t the long antennas make it an oval? The actual skin is circular

Yea, but the antennas aren´t part of the hitbox.

I thought it was gonna be an oval, but I fixed my formatting issue.

Why does a roacher (aka a nub) have a “anti-noob spray”
Also roacher skin was already suggested, and was never added because it’s a joke
Added to this 6000 gems is way too much. 600 gems is 600k coins or 1 hour of very efficient grinding. 600k coin skins were pretty good skins and this feels like it doesn’t it exactly deserve it


Yeah the antennas might have to be adjusted… it has to be 300x300 and if you resize this to be 300x300 it will be too small or deformed

Jit, ya gotta think about it from the coding side
Everything is part of the hitbox

Oh I kinda like this one
The sword could be bug spray instead of noob spray but I do like the concept
And the art is real good too
Nice job

Only thing wrong here is the sizes. But I think the antennas wouldn’t be counted as hitbox if you make them smaller. Dragon skin rn has horns that come a little of the skin and doesn’t count as the hitbox(I think??) so…yea.

yeah if this skin needs to be added the spray needs to say “skill be gone”


nah 600 gems is better.

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Will do.

yep that’s a better price