Skin Idea/Concept (9): The "Cyber-Corgi" Skin

G-MAN officially reveals his most cutest creation yet, the Cyber-Corgi skin. Who knew royal dogs and robots go so good together? This skin would cost a high 80,000 or a low 800., maybe a 8,000. It’s flavor text should be,“Fetching kills and coins!”
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The Cyber-Corgi skin and the Cyber-Crown sword…now I miss my dog…


Such a cute deadly doggo


D: is that dog still edible?

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BRO COOKED WITH THIS ONE :speaking_head: :bangbang: :fire:


It looks so cool but wouldn’t it be weird ingame bc the way you are pointing will be different to the face? Never the less ROYAL DOG



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What happened to ur dog

Who ate him

Skin looks great but the sword seems lower quality so yea…

looks kinda like a furry

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A hungry kung-fu master.

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cause it is a furry

Well that would make sense it looks like a furry, given that I’m an art commissioner and have done furry art for people (they pay big bucks for a simple pic of a standing dog/person)

@Slapadabass I won’t call you a furry for this- go make some money

Have you seen furry art? The anatomy is something I can’t comprehend
It goes against half of my moral principles
And also idk how to do commissions :skull:


Its quite easy once you get the hang of it.

I can’t ask people for money
It feels wrong
(Or do you mean the anatomy?)

Well its not wrong if they go to you and ask for a drawing of an animal or something. Its business. Also furry anatomy isn’t hard. You just use a human base and then add a few things, Let me dm you a commission I did, since I know if I show it here everyone’s gonna be calling me a furry (believe me, its happened.)

Nothing wrong with making money