Skin Idea/Concept: Impossible Skin

G-MAN is still cookin for ya’ll,and I think ya’ll should taste some of this. Its called “The Impossible” skin and costs a measly 100 gems, but don’t be fooled by it’s small price because this sword is called impossible for a reason. In case I missed this small detail, but the sword is VERY short and is practically a stub. Such a small sword makes this skin virtually impossible to win with. Flavor text would say,“Try me…I dare you.”
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The Impossible skin and The Impossible sword.

I would buy this skin, but the funny thing would be to see all the noobs use this cheap skin. I know for a fact if this gets added, one day imma see some dude somehow become unstoppable with this skin.

skin is not hitbox

? wut that mean?


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The sword size will always have to be 260x280 or something like that. So the range won’t change it will only be decorative

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sword look not sword range because sword hitting range same as regular default even if you change skin look

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Damn. But it looking so small has to change gameplay somehow, right? Even if it’s regular hitbox it’ll still be hard to tell where your safe distance wise.

no ‎

Yea it will probably look distorted ingame since you have to resize it

Distorted or not, at least it doesn’t look too bad…who am I kidding. Its supposed to be a joke skin.

Bet this skin would work if Gautam shortened it’s hitbox.

I think you also need to work on the skin, needs more detail.

i know, just wanted to make a joke-skin. It doesn’t really matter tho, cuz i’m sure this ain’t makin it to the game.

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suggestion make the sword bigger and remove the white outline since the sword is smaller than acols gun