Skin Idea/Concept: Sarge Skin.

Hey there, G-MAN is back at it like I said I was going to be, and with me is another skin idea. Its called the “Sarge” skin and costs 50,000 or 25,000. The flavor text would be, “Ready for war, maggots?”
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The Sarge skin and The Minigun sword. This is a personal favorite.


Who would buy this skin? I would. Going around killin people with a minigun goes hard.

Oke you are literally slap 2.0 now I swear

whos slap?

Is that a good thing?

You don’t know him?! Man ig he has been inactive for while but he is official skin maker for swordbattle

Oh damn, thanks then.

@gautam tam new skin update just for this?

that is definitely a good thing lol

wut u mean?

This is without a doubt one my most favorite skin designs.

please don’t make a really cringy skin that makes me want to commit war crimes
Anyways good skin :fire: please don’t make a skin like the cringy a-word skin

Don’t worry. The worse (my least favorite) skins you’ll see from me is the “Web Meister”, the “Impossible”, and the “Underpants Bandit”. Everything else is gonna be good.

PS: the Web Meister and Underpants Bandit are coming soon. Imma try to post at least 1 skin per a day.

Skin update just dropped a few days ago, and I think gautam mentioned that not all skins made it into the update, so there’s going to be another one some time.

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fr? I don’t care, like I said I can make an unlimited amount of skin ideas.

I don’t see update.

By just dropped, I mean a few days ago? Like the skins that were just added.

I didn’t at all say you should limit your skin ideas.

OH. I thought u meant today. Dude I started making skins AFTER the update, so I thought u meant today an update dropped.

fr fr I got so hyped.