"Skin Maker" Badge

So I think it would be cool if anyone who makes a skin and it gets added to the game gets a silver badge, the skin creator badge. And if you get 7 skins added, you get gold badge. Defo not suggesting this because i want gold badge. It would also add incentive for people to make more skins
1-3 skins should be Bronze badge
4-6 get a sliver badge
7-10 get gold badge


shouldnt be gold badge cause many people make skin probs iron or bronze


Maybe not a gold badge… And what if you get a skin in the game multiple times?

ok silver badge for 1 skin gold for 2 skins?
i just wanna gold badge man :sob:

I think two is too little… maybe 4 or 3

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no u can only get one badge only no matter how much skins


ok so 3 i think is a good number. i like that number. especially how close it is to two.

mmmmm scratch that make it 5

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wait i might have 5 skins total in the next skin update, because i got soundstorm, electro, laser, microwave, vanguard. :flushed:

I think
1-3 skins should be Bronze badge
4-6 get a sliver badge
7-10 get gold badge


Yeah, that sounds good.

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i hate when youre right

What abt after 10?
It should be 1,5,10

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yeah but i feel like 10 is too much

Thats y it is gold


I would like this but I would rather have the numbers be slightly altered.

I agree the numbers should be altered a bit

i think angel has the best number proportions.
Most people submit one skin.
Some people submit a bit more.
And the dedicated ones submit a lot.
And it’s not like you can just post a lot of random bad skins, they actually have to be good to make it into the game… besides skins like blueberry…


Skin creators should be credited imo, it would literally take two seconds to put the skin creators name under the the skin


yeah angel suggestion is the best, unfortunately