Skin of the day

What if there was a skin of the day and if u use it, at the end of matches the coins u collected are multiplied by 1.1


this would be a good idea, or a maybe idea

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This is a big brain idea right here


Also the more pricey the skin the lower the chance of it being picked

What if each person had their own?

ex: someone with only default, bubble, and sponge would get a multiplier on default, bubble, or sponge

No. This shud motivate people to get skins. Also thtd be overpowered bc then evry1 wud get the boost everyday and thered be no point.

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original idea is good

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i like it

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Then there is no point

@gautam wht u think

na because when think of skins, i dont want to hear its benifits. I personally want skins to be just cosmetic, not even coin benifits.

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Blegh thts kinda boring ngl.
Smon makre a poll

No opinions?

  • Yes
  • No
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Tbh I agree with mit here, skins are meant to make people unique and the game customizable, if it’s an XP thing there’s no point everyone will just have same skin for money.


hey, its 50/50

Fine then maybe 1.005 percent like acol sed so it wont really matter

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but at tht point, there rlly is no reason to have it.

Its still smtn.

Plus it ads up