Skin questions answer

Can you have words on a skin
can you have a username on a skin
can the skin have a object that sticks out just a bit more
does it have to be a circle
does the sword have to be a wepon

PLZ tell me the best soft ware to make skins

  1. idk
  2. no
  3. yes
  4. depends, must fit in a circle
  5. no
  6. ibis paint

The username is a no only pepole in like top 15 I think

It depends
If your top5
it can be whatever


Can I write words like potato instead of potatolord

or like potatoz rule

idk about that one

1st one yes
second one … … … … … also yes

heheheeh HAHAHH finaly

Adobe fresco is pretty good

I use infinite painter

ok first look at coders intrustions

Unrelated, but would I be allowed to put musical symbols on a sword? Like, lets just say, a treble clef, or no? Are Musical symbols copyrighted? Or should I stop making the skin I am making since there is already a musical skin?

music symbols/notes are not copyrighted


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