Skin reworks

What old skins do you want to get a new sprite in the future? Comment below which ones you want to be improved.
These are some skins that have been reworked so far.
Skins that will get new sprites soon:

  • fox
  • pig
  • unicorn
  • chicken
  • walrus
  • ect


unicorn most ugly legendary skin

didn’t realize rhino had an rework till now

i would make crab do all nw

A rework is being added next update

i kinda like the old pig no change

Old pig kinda mid

make the dragon and phoenix more epic. also rework jaguar goat water bunny and uhh idk

Goat and water have reworks in progress

awesome goats

Plz redo the Fox skin. I have it and would use it, except it looks nothing like a fox. Kind of reminds me of an orange tabby in my neighborhood who attacks everyone.

Bruh. Fox still looks like a cat :sob:

Eh. I must just be trippin. I have a certain hatred against tabby cats.


Yea, side by side they look good. Is it ok if I draw out my interpretation of the skin?

u can make it if you want we’re not stopping u lol

k, thx

among us skin