Skin submission for 3RG3R's contest

Bird skin
bidr sword


Cool! love the looks of the body!


your welcome!

btw there is already a bird skin in game and what is the sword suppose to mean?

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the sword is the wings

Make the wing more wing-like and longer then

there is? I never saw one…

ye there is, its cost is 300,000 and it was made by harsh, which is me

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They’re talking about chicken skin

but that is not a normal bird, when i see this skin, I feel like it is more a nature skin, not a food skin.

i like @UNglaceon8 skin

the topic sayz its a bird skin bruh

compared to mine???

yes (7 char)

harsh, I am not saying yours is bad, i like it, I just feel like, these two skins, have a different feel.

ik bro i didnt take that serious the thing is that im bored rn

you but a crying emoji so I thought you thought I do not like the skin (which is not true)

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cool skin, just improve the sword

J u d g i n g T i m e!

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