Skin update

I know it has been a long time since I made a topic or a skin update. so I have good news or everyone. A skin update will come out THIS month. Get your skins in by next week Saturday if you want it added. If you want to replace any image in game, dm me with what you want to be changed and a replacement for it. I will discuss with gautam if I can replace the current image. if you have any specific recommendation for a skin’s description, tell me in THIS topic. If you cannot find your skin in “Post your skins here” topic, link it there NOW.



Will this be the last one before v2?

it will be the last one before v2, yes

@ANGEL link you topic that had a ton of skins

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… your acting like theres never been a skin update

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Let me see if I can find all of Angel’s skins:

Phoenix Skin:

UFO Skin:

Unknown Skin:

Lion Skin:

Turtle Skin:


why am I just now getting notes of skins

Cause manage just reopened them

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See if you hit the notification bell on the top right (for the “skin” tag)? Slap might be right tho, this is just my guess.

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Link angles skins in post skins

Also while im busy adding skins can someone get me 30m coins? Hehe

Bruh I am the whole reason why yall getting a skin update rn and I don’t even get a “Thank you” in return:(

Nah gautam was also asking me. So yes or no?

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