keeps refreshing and doesn't load

Hey for the past few days I can’t get onto it just keeps loading forever and looks like the page is getting refreshed a bunch. Anyone here know how to fix it? Thanks


i have had this problem before, actually. What solved it for me was closing the tab, and creating a new guest window. then, search up in the guest window. it should work. then, log back in to your account on a new window and go back to

let me know if it works - it worked for me!

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Chromium browsers (such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) tend to reload constantly. redirects to and vice versa, creating an infinite loop, unless the redirects stop and the tab stays on

Note that this is a rather recent issue. It is probably the result of a Chromium bug or feature that has existed since 2022. As such, older Chromium browsers might not have the issue, but using outdated browsers is bad for security so it is not recommended.

Note that there are no Chromium browsers on iOS. Chrome and Edge for iOS are Webkit-based. As such, they are probably unaffected.

(so if your on pc use firefox it will work!)

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