Smooth Multiplayer Movement

Hello, are you a JavaScript developer? Then you can Earn $50 by helping contribute with!

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would love to but I only know a little python and no JS

Can u covert cycles into money, does it come as money,or do u just have cycles

I would love to help but I only know a little Javascript

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You can convert your cycles yes

i know a little but i feel like $50 for my work is to much maybe $25

I’m trying to comprehend your code but JS is so confusing D:


wait, are you talking about less laggier player movement when playing online or a smoother movement overall?

Oh, I thought you meant smooth player movement, not making the multiplayer smooth…
i feel very dumb now

That will just make the player slower I need to be same speed but look smoother.

Also that code is for the player’s sliding on collision, not the actual movement lol


So everthing I said was false information… ;/

I enjoy spreading false information. B)


me too, i only know some of python and pygame

false info, look it up. i did some sifting

bruh moment

HEY! i am not greedy like u guys cut some slack

I would but im under 20

Not publicly atm, but I have connections with replit staff they help you do it

bru replit got banned on school wifi
is there alt link

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Oh ok

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