Sneak Peak of the New Map


Woah, looks good man


Does it still have all the stuff that i did?

this is a completely different map
(we both lost affiliate so we’re not gonna help with development anymore XDDD)

Why tf did you lose it lol

It makes sense why i lost it cuz i havent been active in the past two months

i think i was the one that didnt do anything even when i said i was gonna help in the forum post that future made so thats probably it

idk tho

Why did future change the whole map? The original one was good :skull:

yea and i kept forgetting to do the props for the map

we took too long so wala and crab made their own

:skull: i wouldve done them if i just knew how


now i feel awkward whenever i DM future random stuff

Does culinary crusader still have his role?

Nah none of us are affiliate anymore (except for probably deer since she won the contest)


everyone else on the affiliate team said she so i guess shes female now

Uh im pretty sure its a he

deer said in a vc that they were female but maybe they are faking it