so i tried again...

so has never really been my thing. but recently i’ve heard of updates coming out, and soo i finally decided…

i’m going to try again.

so as soon as i went in-game, first impressions were decent. they had a little tutorial-type thing, which was nice, but i kept on getting attacked while reading the tutorial (suggestion: invincibility as well as not being allowed to attack during the tutorial)

the tutorial was simple enough, and the gameplay was simple but satisfying.

somehow it lacks a hook to pull people in, though…i either got spam-killed or didnt meet any players for 20 minutes straight, which certainly did not encourage me to continue…

but hey, gotta finish this post lol, so i continued playing.

i managed to get a few kills with swordsman, but i dont really know how pvp works, so i am pretty bad at it…nevertheless the pvp is intriguing, very different from other pvp-oriented games i know.

one thing im not sure of is what the castaway does, i’ve heard of there being some easter eggs and lore about it but idrk what it is or what it does…

lol ive only tried once before 4 ppl who are gonna spam skill issue in the chat lol.

gameplay: 6.5/10

graphics: 9/10

mechanics: 7/10

total: 7.5/10, decent game, will probably try it again- overall though, takes the win ;]

you can chat in realmz now

make forums news easier

Yeah is pretty mid

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u could always chat tho just press enter

it would be 1000x better if the gameplay had some type of nice, unique, fun twist to it or smth

I dont think thats a solution - swordbattle doesnt have a twist its just clicking a sword and a lot of people like it

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right but it has engaging gameplay with lots of different parts of the game (chests, coins, weapons, skins, settings, servers, bosses, mobs, biomes, and more)

deserves 10/10 graphics for an io game swordbattle has like 3-4/10

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i generally agree, but again those two are different types of games from each other (realmz is platformer, is sorta top-down)

realmz in a way has all these (except for more servers but the game would be dead without it)
i think its just a matter of your taste in games.

agreed, taste is rly different for most so its prolly just like my tastes (others too but some love realmz and dont like sb)

performance is 10/10 tho i get 60fps on realmz with no stutters but 20fps with a lot of stuttering

I think realmz is a nice game but my brain capacity can’t handle platformer games

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bahaha loll

yea the performance is great even with low fps the game still is rly clean

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