So lonely

This is why being Britain sucks half the time on this forum. Even Dillon is gone and he was the only other British person on here who I could share my strong feelings of the spelling of colour with. :cry:


Screenshot 2023-04-29 4.02.52 AM
ur not the only one

even me
Screenshot 2023-04-29 1.29.31 PM


Don’t worry I spell the british way and I will be happy to spread the wellness

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Yay now there are three of us hamm, me and you who all use British spelling!

im not british but me too man…

It’s ok, at least you were there for yourself. I didn’t even have that luxury one time…


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Thats happened to me before aswell idk how it happens tho

I mean I’m indian and “colour” sounds right to me too lmao

Im always on at 3am so you got me /;

I’m part British

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