Some problems

I want the game to change something so that other players won’t get small, sneak into our player and rapidly clicking until we die and cannot push them out of ourselves. Can u make it?


A solution to this problem is throwing ur sword where the player is at if that dose not work try to move the other way if that dose not work than use ur ability it gotta work

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its not tht hard tbh. i only die from them when I’m too lazy to defend bc I’m typing smtn and am too lazy to retype

I miss sea what happened to him did he leave? If so at least he got a skin in

Probably just got bored.

School. Hell try coming back late may

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He Posted 4 Days Ago

wtf are your ads :skull_and_crossbones:


you know ads are shown based on what you search and what websites you visit :skull:

Not For Me I Am On A School Chromebook.

Most Things Are Blocked.

I Do Not Know.

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Ah yes, the good ol days when you could glitch into players and kill them inside of the players actual hitbox

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roaching was op back then… and you could sit in a corner and literally win the game.



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Ah yes… flashbacks good times…