Somebody is playing in my account

idk who is playing in my account because once, i joined on, and my friends said if i want my coins back, i was like, i wasnt on!
then yesterday, i always use the scythe skin but it was switched to the predator sword,
does anyone know who plays in my acc?

Who’d you give your pass to?

MannyCodes stole your account. Did you run any script in your browser console?


i’m glitching a lot recently


that always happens
last night i was over 1000 in my ping

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Yeah a new hack was released and it’s causing lag to everyone, sorry about that.

Oh THATS what it was? I thought I just had bad internet recently


im so confused how

Oh thank lord I haven’t been able to pray I have 20 mil saved and if he spent one dime….

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Welcome to the forum!

yes, he tricked me

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@Number1 really?
you have to do with this too about me “hacking”


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You can ask coder we where just trying tk get mannys code bc we knew you used it to patch it so we where wondering if he gave you q new code and you can ask coder

I found the script to that too on mannys github and i seen it been used be sometimes i join sb and i lag likd crazy ._.

Tbh I’m glad people who run the console things are getting hacked, payback for even trying tbh. Little respect to manny on that one for making y’all think your gonna hack :joy::facepunch:t2:


Also tbh if you get hacked you get free swordbattle coins besides the fact that you can be framed :joy::facepunch:t2: