Spinning wheel of prizes

A wheel cost 1m to spin and have a chance of 5% to get an expensive skin or a limited skin. Other prizes maybe coins, buffs like double exp for 1h, get plus 10% more damage for 30 min.
Double exp card:
Plus strength card:


Looks good @Sea !

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i’m going to sleep sorry, so i cant meet u


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Thats very cheap I would be able to get the very very very expensive skin in one day lol

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its 0.1% chance

the double exp is 5%, strength is 10%

yea that’s why I have like 17,157,304 coins so I have a big chance of winning

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Same pretty much. Maybe. 1 m a spin. 10% chance for a skin. Three skins on wheel. Note you should be able to sell skins…

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so 1 m

I mean am very rich its affordable


it depends on your luck if u want to try

with 17m, u can just spin 17 times

I’m rich too :)

but maybe… u are not lucky enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiling_imp:

10% chance for a ski

make it cheaper so other player’s also have a chance to win

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nah, 1 mil is enough for those powerful buffs

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how is this @gautam ?

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ive been playing since august and i still have never reached 1 mil