Spooder mon

Untitled design (1)

desc: with great coins comes great memes
price: 1962000 (this is the date of spider mans creation, august 1962)
name: spooder mon

but the skin and sword in seprate images and also fix the sword to 45 degrees.


otherwise this is a funny and cool skin (:

Untitled design (3)
Untitled design (2)

btw this is not copyright as long as we dont make money off of the image


now copy this post link and reply here and paste the link : Post your skins here!

thank you for the help

not copyright huh…?

as long as we dont make money off the image we cant be held for a lawsuit or whatever

It is unlikely that you would be sued for sharing a copyrighted meme on social media or creating a meme using someone else’s copyrighted content, since such behavior is usually protected by fair use guidelines. You could, however, be sued for using someone else’s meme if you are using it to try to make money.

you can be sued for using it at all.

That’s a lot of money.

so yeah, copyright.


Hey here is the thing this game has adds witch make money and this skin is in it while it is making money then the owner can be considered for copyright cause they have to play to get it making the owner money

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I already told him it’s copyright

I know I just have it more in depth

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is the sword the right size?

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