Post your skins here!

Anyone who wants to post any skin and have it added to the game, post it here. (scroll to the bottom and press “Reply”

Once your skin has been viewed by staff, it will be moved to a new page. A link to the topic will be placed here. This is for further discussion about the skin and whether it should be added.

After staff has reviewed and pushed your skin into the game, it will be removed from this topic. Note that your skin might be removed from here first before you seeing it in game. This is normal, it takes a little while before your skin will show up in the shop.

Please follow the rules of making a skin at:
How to make a skin?

Any questions? concerns? message @ManagePasswords


ATTENTION ALL: Skins/links not posted here have a VERY LOW chance of being added. Add ur skins here or a link to it.


Alr, a lot of morons dont know how to properly soze an image. Lemme tell u how i do it and how u shud too:

Size finding:
Search up “image size finder”
Go to the poster burner link
Upload ur images
Swords have to be 280 HEIGHT and 260 WIDTH
Skinss are 300x300
If everything is right, go to last step
Or else do the following steps as needed
Also do following steps if image is right size but looks tiny when posted

Click on custom size
For skin put 300x300
Make sure the circle fills add much space as it can without being weirdly elongated
Go to
Click custom size
Type 260 WIDTH and 280 HEIGHT
make sure the sword goes from bottom left to top right
Remember it will swing from to right to top left so position, rotate, flip, accordingly

Bg removing:
Go to
Post ur downloads from canva
Remove the background
If any white in the skin became transparent, click edit and restore

Goo to forum
Goo to post skins
Upload image
If the image looks too small, resize it.
Itt should look decently big
Click post

Have a good day!

Message me for any questions/concerns


Instead of posting skins here, can everyone make a topic for the skin and then post the link here? Thanks!


Reviewing the above skins, thread locked until finish…

Review complete, anything above this message will be added! New skins can now be submitted for review


Price should be 50k gems to match shad skin

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stop putting links

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Most people use that link now because is gettin blocked or somethin

Oops sorry I will change

yes but makes it pain for me to add so if i see a link not starting with it will be removed

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oh gautam for my fies skin can you vote which one looks better

I didnt know this was here lol

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