(strafing) styling isn't useless anymore?

so styling has long been regarded as the most useless and flashy way to combo in really all games, not just swordbattle.io.

but…what if i told you that i found a strategy. a strategy that transforms styling into beneficial?

yeah, styling isn’t useless anymore. but what is the strategy anyways? complimenting your movement.

basically, complimenting your movement involves flicking, one of the most basic forms of styling. to do it, simply flick to the side, starting from the center of your opponent and going outwards. (shown in the diagram)

but, instead of normal flicking, try to move in the direction of the strafe. for example, if you are flicking left, strafe right (a small amount). if you are flicking right, strafe left (a small amount).

(it is worth noting that it is best to flick unpredictably to strafe more consistently.)

anyways, let me know what you think!

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That’s cool!

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yeah, i always knew this but decided to make a post cuz it is rly interesting

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My strat is the wing it strat. Will this work in corners?

the “wing it” strat? xd

sure it will

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