Stuck inside chapter 4 addition

I found Hamm I in a corner low health because a warrior tried to kill them. I found a pile of coins someone either died or left the game, If they died then why would the killer want to leave the coins? I asked Hamm and they said that they found a fighter that wanted to help us his username is KELLEN and I met with them a little while later when they got on. they told me that they heard about the players stuck inside the game. and he had formed a group to protect us. so I went back over to Hamm and talked to them for what seemed like a minute but when I meet up with KELLEN he said he was ready to call in the players to protect us! KELLEN left the game and came back after a couple of seconds with a big group of players. F1NN96 and others came and protected us while we tried to find CoderGautem because Hamm agreed he might help us find people to get us out of the game!


first off Hamm is a she

Read the other stories Hamm disapears


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