Suggested change to country feature

Instead of having your country be displayed as an abbreviation (i.e. ca for canada), how about having it as the country’s flag instead (:canada:)? This would look better and also fix the problem of having inconsistent text (if you are on the leaderboard you know what I mean).

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It shows the flag on the main game, but it doesn’t load on most proxies.

I feel like it should be changed to images instead of emojis so that it always works no matter what device you are on.


It shows as a flag on some devices, and doesn’t show on other devices. Yes switching to images is planned, but to be honest it’s not really a high priority for me atm.


You basically said the same thing as me and marked it as the solution :(


yea I noticed that with angel’s screenshot, which is what caused me to make this post in the first place

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sad ribbit noises

also this makes me curious, what is a high priority for you right now?

The flag would be cooler.