Suggestion: Coin Healing?

Hey Community and Developers(Mainly) :wave:

I have found the fact of healing time to be very aggravating, and have some suggestions to fixing them or just bringing up new features of the game!


Every time I play Sword Battle, I always face the issue of healing time. This is because as you are running from an enemy you heal bit by bit, slowly torturing you until they corner your circle avatar into the corner and murder your hard work(Sadly I don’t have an image or video of this).

My Suggestion

I would like to bring up the suggestion of allowing the player to heal with coins(Listen to me out), where when the player has taken damage, the coins they “consume” are then used for their health instead of Xp(So players can only gain Xp when they are at full health).

Burtt :wink:


This is a good idea. What do you think @gautam?


I like the idea, but I think it would be a bit too op considering that there are lots of coins.

I also don’t want to slow down the XP process drastically, which will affect the leaderboard.

How about whenever you level up, you gain a bit of health. Like 20% your max health. Would this be good?


Interesting idea. What about that and also getting like 0.1% health when getting a coin? If it’s not that hard to implement of course.

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You see that part isn’t hard to implement. It’s harder to modify the xp growth.

Maybe just leave the xp the same? 0.1% health is barely anything anyway so…

Yrah ok

100 coins would mean full health if you went under dillon’s .1 percent plan, I like gautam’s leveling up = 20% health plan better

What if instead of coins there were hearts that spawned around the map? They would be rarer than coins so it wouldn’t be too OP.


Yeah, that would be awesome!

But %20 is a but much. Like %10-%15?

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Ooh I like this idea, I will try to add hearts


Yes, I like that idea too.

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How much health?

This actually sounds like a cool idea! I’m guessing if it gets added it’ll be in V2 at this point?

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if u read, it would be 20% per level