Suggestion FOR COINS

Don’t you think it’d be easier if you picked up one coinScreenshot 2022-09-25 5.23.13 PM
A got 25 coins instead of 1 because It’s so hard to get 50million coins fast.

And keep the balance the same when you kill someone you get 300coins.

Most of the basic coins should be worth 25 when you pick them up you get 25coins instead of 1-10

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I do not think this is a good idea, skins are expensive for a reason.

But I wanna hear what u guys think?


I’ve played 5 games today and my balance only moved to 100k :C

I agree with gautam

How long u played?

8 days

for 100k?

it took me 1day to get 100k because i mostly spend my time on this forum

Thts ur fault. I can get one hundred k in ten mins

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i want more coins. also, are clans added?

Wait a couple monyhs for clans

Probably a couple months for clans sorry

I want to do it right

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this will not be added

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Wht wont be added

Coins are worth 25 coins

oh ok good