Suggestion - new user card style

So basically this is an expirimental theme component that makes your usercards fancy. These cards also auto-generate a background for you, when there is no usercard selected.
This is what the new usercards look like:
To install them, go to this here link: (only owner can install)


nice :+1:

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Note: I addressed this in my first post. However, they arent broken anymore

Interesting… I will probably try this!

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I think that coders had this happen once before, I may be wrong but I remember it looking something like that

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I dont think so
I like it tho

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SO, the usercards have not been added yet. But, I think they look nicer than the ones we have now.

The ugly and old style:

The new style:

So @gautam , will these ever be added?

Me want it

Me too

this did not age well


It never got added.

Sad :sob: