[SUGGESTION] Player + Weapon Hitboxes

So when you switch to using a different skin, it takes a while to get used to the new swords hitbox… such as when framework had a 1 pixel sword. This could be solved by having an option (in settings or in game) where you could enable hitboxes. Having player hitboxes enabled would make pvp easier as you wouldn’t swing your sword when the hitboxes aren’t touching. And this would be an optional feature you could enable in settings/in game so people who don’t like it can just not use it.

What do you guys think?


I dint get it. Weapons already have hit boxes…


Idk about this idea… Maybe if somebody tests it out? Its a maybe for me.

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Visible ones. Like in minecraft when you press F3 + B

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hitboxes. And the sword can have it as well

No. If u can see it then it is basically a trainer


It’s always the same hit box?

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Yes, it is.

it also depends on ur skill as well

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I know that I was asking why cause you should just remember the hit box

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