Suggestions for

Got a few suggestions for the Game AND the Forum @gautam

  1. I think that the game should maybe have a battle pass or some type that you could buy with real money or in game currency (coins you get from killing people or off the ground or found in chests :smiley:

  2. Maybe add a game mode feature, maybe add a game mode called Battle Royale where people find random swords from the skins, that people or the respective owners of made themselves and put them on the ground somewhere for people to find and add a damage and speed attack as a stats for the swords people pick up.

  3. Maybe add new maps to the game.

  4. You can maybe add titles on the top of people’s name showing what placement they are at on the leaderboard instead of it being on the side.

  5. Make a TOS/Copy rights license for your game also add a copyrights license for the skin’s people design and add it as a link on the bottom where the other links are aka here.


  6. Make a link at the bottom that says The Latest News and add all the updates, new skins, AND fixed bugs or known and aware of bugs that you’re in the process of fixing. In that part of the page.


I agree but I want to add
Also make it so that you can find like different coins as in silver 50 and bronze 25
As well as being able to pickup someone else’s sword
Also being able to throw grenades and throwing swords


ye that would be cool if you can pick up someone’s sword and you can have two swords.


adding new maps would be cool


maybe for each day of the week there is smtn cool.

like Monday you can have landmines on the map or smtn and tuesday there are walls which make thrown swords richochete


adding a new map

There is a be custom maps I think? I saw some on github so yeah-

I could be wrong but this may be a new map?
Screenshot 2023-02-25 11.54.54 AM

Um /: no that used for servers not new map


one of your playthroughs would ed with like 150 swords lol