1: Special abilities for each skin if you want the ability it costs half the cost of the skin

2: Dashing

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  1. Unfair advantage to OG players with lots of store coins. Store coins shouldn’t grant any competitive advantage.

  2. Maybe, I will consider it

  1. maybe new currency?

2.if new currency it wont matter.

new currency got by kills only

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purple diamond gems, read my mind, half(of kill) purple gems and half(of kill) coins. coins for skins and in game level up + xp level level up. Gems to buy skin superpower or physical upgrades

aaaaaaahhhh so many stuff to add but so little time to do it

Maybe add different modes in the game like battle royal, maybe red vs blue and etc

just work on chest value increase and kill gems for now. those seem to be the simplest

Yres this is coming, we have a guy working on a mechanic where there can be multiple “Rooms” in a single server, once he’s done with that I’ll be able to add different game modes.

I don’t know exactly when he will be done, he’s working for free so he has every right to work on it whenever he wants.

Alright those will be my first things after the break

Ok bro got it, take ur time and have a nice break and stay happy!

I’m closing until proper development is resumed so that we aren’t overwhelmed with suggestions and ideas and disappointed people.

thank. you.