Sun Skin!




canvas__20_-removebg-preview (1)
The Sword needs work if you want to you can make a new one.

Description: Burn you enemies with the power of the sun

Price: 2.5 Mil


Great skin, I really like the gradient on the skin.

thank you! I used and canvas

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i did attempt this skin before if you want to see it i have the link

Yes I agree I love the gradient. Great job @F1NN !! This is a good skin.

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I think it looks great. I suggest smoothing out the edges, maybe adding a crossguard, and it’ll look perfect!


What shadow said but also add an outline to all of the sword

Is this Better?
canvas__21_-removebg-preview (1) cut a bit too much on the last one

The blade seems a little off center, try adjusting the crossguard so it’s more symmetric?

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