Sushi Skin. 15charrule

Screenshot 2022-12-02 9.21.25 AM
Screenshot 2022-12-02 9.18.52 AM
dis: fresh from the sea
cost: 150k


Did you make that in google slides? It looks good

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i sure did

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bruh i was going to make that

Screenshot 2022-12-02 10.27.45 AM

not fair man…

XD hahaha

bruh now wht am i gonna make…??

honestly, I made it in about 5 minutes.

That’s good for 5 minutes.

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thts wht i do in 5 boohooo

I copy and pasted a loooooot

yea i see

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Cipyright i bet

nope, you can see many imperfections, which makes that statment false

Internet isnt perfect

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I dunno about the skin, the chopsticks maybe. Not trying to throw around accusations though.

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Yeah, but you can tell it was made in google slides

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