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i dont know why i made this


i apologize.


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rip my storage

Didn’t you see angel jr. make that novel about chuck norris as well?


and the doom lore thing

which i made

its gonna take a toll on coders storage

that was my entire mission when making this
my only thought


im going to single handedly use up all of the storage

This is gold :rofl:

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lol it made me laugh pretty cool

rook is not bad if u know what im talking about :smirk:
still choose warrior because if a knight attacks with abil, then just hit them back and get the timing right

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ofc i do most wanted opp

i dont even know which one is better lmao

Wow, nice

now i dont even use either of them lol i use rook

why was rook revived? is it with the whole chess revive thing?

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