Sword Manager

Sword Manager

100% client sided Sword Battle account manager written in react

Use Now here

Run Locally

  1. Install Node js
  2. Clone the Repository
  3. Update Submodules git submodule update --init Required
  4. Install Dependencys with npm install
  5. Start server with npm run dev
  6. go to localhost:5173


Contributions are Greatly appreciated and can be done at github.com


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What’s the purpose of this?

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managing accounts I guess

Yeah even gautam says it is better that sword battle ui

How so?

Idk bro I was just restating what it said


Does it like remember passwords and usernames for you or something?

this almost like an ad so {ad}

anybody tried this yet and seen what this is?

No but 68.34% sure it’s a virus

its not i looked through the whole src code dw

Any photo?

Dont do I its the same person who did forum breach

didn’t check it out

This is neverwincsgo discord your welcome for the heads up.

what he do


Frager, UR BACK?! also its nto

no of it running sleepycat

I moved it to cloud flare pages https://sword-manager.pages.dev