Sword throw speed?

I remember there being a small speed boost when you threw your sword and it would be nice to have it back! Dunno if it makes the game better but I liked it so can you add it?


If this were to be added sword throw knockback should be reduced to a minimum just because, you know runners

Yea and also can there be a nerf on sword throw dmg like in v1? I feel like a bot or roacher’s sword throw can sometimes determine whether I win or lose a fight

yeah fr, roachers should do no damage really and damage should kinda be determined by the level.

i also had this idea to make a topic but if guatam adds it it could be a very bad advantage for maxed speed berserker users

Yea that’s true. It would prob be better to decrease it for small players then

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It is you just don’t notice it

How small is the speed boost I swear it is basically negligible

It is also more realistic because a heavy sword would weigh you down

U still go a bit faster if your not holding a sword, I can prob increase it

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