Swordbattle Fantasy [NEW GAME IDEA]

So you probably have heard of fantasy games… Fantasy football, fantasy cricket, etc.

Basically in fantasy games you create your own team of players, then see which custom teams do well.

What if there was a swordbattle Fantasy game? Basically each week on some set day (say… Sundays), everyone would pick their players. Players can be any swordbattle player, yes even yourself (I think this would be a nice twist).

Then in that week you can track how your team is doing, how much XP it’s getting, etc. There would be a global league where you can see the best teams that week, and you can even join a local league with just your friends in it. Then the next Sunday everything would reset and you would select a brand new set of players (or keep the same… your choice)

I think this would be cool because it would motivate players to get more XP and also be more active in the community to see which players would be more active that week.

Idk just a random idea I had, if this gets to 30 likes I’ll try to code this.



v2 is better then this but this sounds cool

Oh yeah but this will take time since you have to add stats for each skin :skull: and something cool it will me cross progression you have to unclock the skins in swordbattle to use them in fantasy

Yeah V2 is still highest priority but this can be something which would release before v2 in the summer

Sounds like fun as long as it’s not too much for you.

maybe month or something ill say around october would be cool since the month is around it and scary and stuff

Actually something like this is much easier to code since it doesn’t have any complicated graphics or back end work

Could i help you with basic html and stuff for home page or somethign ? anything to code

Nice, this should be fun then! Thanks!

Dude I’ma make the profile views tracking todah.

One thing though, I’m not going to add it into the leaderboard as people would probably keep refreshing the page for views and stress my already stressed database

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So this is a weekly clan?

Maybe in the future, too much work for right now

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That would be epic!

i would like to participate, but i don’t play swordbattle.io much anymore

seems like fantasy clans

only 19 likes :cry:

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Umm well this is awkward :flushed:

I’m just gonna…go…walks away slowly then starts running

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