Swordbattle how to fix All servers are offline or blocked

If someone does please tell me in the reply’s and a detailed guide on how to setup swordbattle to run locally like gauatam promised. (for windows users)


step one put a pipebomb in your computer step 2 buy a computer than can play sb ez fix

@Undefeated_zarooma I am pretty sure zarooma made a tutorial while ago but idk if it still works so maybe he could shed some light on the issue?

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this v2 code

Ik but maybe code is code and he will still find a way? Maybe? Hopefully?

I made a video for Replit for v1 I’ll see what it is for v2 and then I’ll tell you

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I ran it locally but it needs a sever

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Yeah I see that I don’t know why that pops up this seems to be a more of a coder question


Is this on a local server? Do you have both the client & server running?

After you press OK, does it get stuck or are you able to play

  1. Idk
  2. Yes, i’ve did both
  3. After pressing okay it’s stuck at 98% loading
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Are you using relpit

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No i used codespaces and Number1 tried it locally

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no im using my pc

I ran it and it would give me a error


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Would it happen with no database