Swordbattle.io as a mobile app

So, swordbattle.io is a good game, we all know that, But people on mobile (Pixel/Iphone) have to open up their web browser every time, we can fix that by using Cordova to put it on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Releasing it for mobile also allows more people to find it. Who thinks this is a good idea?

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I like the idea of this, but I don’t think we’ll be able to do this. The swordbattle.io codebase isn’t the easiest to understand currently, and if we did do this we’d have to have 3 different versions which would be much harder to update. And, with the technologies swordbattle.io uses, this might not even be possible without rewriting the entire game even if we use something like Ionic, React Native or Cordova.

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ok boomer ඞ

We have an android app but not an ios app lmao. gautam would have to pay 100$ to publish it to ios bc of their stupid policy

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There’s an Android app?!

Oh, it’s just the website embedded in an app. Handy.

If he wins Kajam he gets like 5-10k right?

Its on the playstore already lol

he didnt win

i mean this year

There’s a new one starting in 2 days.


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ah okay

he gets up to 500K if he wins this year

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tf… he gonna be rich boi if he wins

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no u liar its only 10k max LMFAO. i wish it would be 500k bc then I would enter

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oh wait i misread


lol, i got shocked when i saw .5m

You can sort of make it an ‘app’ on iOS at least on iPad since if you look in the corner there’s a square with an arrow click it scroll down and click
Add to Home Screen

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