Swordbattle.io idea!

Hey Guys, Hugoonreplit here!

I’ve got a very cool idea that you guys will love! Why not make tournaments of Swordbattle? So, you join a tournament and you get matched with someone, you guys have to try and kill each other. But let’s say that both players don’t want to kill themselves and team up, this will not happen because there will be a clock with a time. But, you might be thinking, what if the time finishes and both players are not dead. In this case the winner will be decided like this :

· The winner will be the one who has walked the most
· If both have walked the same the winner will we chosen randomly

And here is the fun part, you will be able to win coins! What do you guys think about my idea? If you like it vote on the poll!

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we’ve talked about this in previous topics check here:

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what is the winner get?
something good?

hmmm im not sure, u might have to ask coder for it

So its like a 1v1?


you knows it

yeah, 1v1. They’ll be so fun!

like you could invite someone to a tournament in-game? and there would be a smaller map, of course. also, there could be larger tournaments? so if you signed up, you would be matched with someone else who signed up, and if you won you moved up?


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