Swordbattle.io INSANE Combo

Check out this insane combo I recorded… Also give me tips to improve!

When we hit 10 followers I will upload the clip of an INSANE 1v3 I won in swordbattle!




Have any tips for me @ANGEL @Acol @Slapadabass @Frager201 @frumpy

Great job i saw that you timed your hits like a good player not like the player your going agasint My tip is to practice your movement and timing your hits

Good job :+1:

Thanks for the tips frager you are my favorite player and I wil vote you in elections

Yeah ur bad… :D

I mean jk…

Very bad.

i’m your 10th follower!

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I never asked for your opinion lol also ty for 10 followers i’ll post the clip soon

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:D …

Thanks :slight_smile:

nicee, you have skills

This is why I dislike @FwhipyFishy they are soo mean to others

Extremely mean

Didn’t laugh

Are you any better?

No it’s not this forum is literally about this game you’re just jealous that @swordz is too good

Whatabt my opinion???

Although I’m not a top PvPer I’m not terrible at PvP; but in my personal opinion if you really want to improve the best way to do so is to simply ask people to 1v1 a lot, and practice movement and timing while in the fight. The best way to improve is to constantly try new things, and try to find your own PvP rhythm.

Looking forward to your continued progress.


Nice combo he wasn’t able to touch you lol

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