Swordbattle.io New map suggestion aka swordbattle.io concept art

That is the town concept. This town was also a ruined town its not done yet this is what i have so far.


Hmm, but it needs to be top-down


yea im still working on it.


I think a new or different map would be cool. And maybe there could be different sections of it too. Or what if your class (tank/berserk) got an advantage in a certain spot

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Yeah it would and Iā€™m the same Flamingsword2v

Maybe it better to have different bioms on one map?

I was thinkong each day of the week had a different feature on the map

That would be cool I just need different images for each day

Not even that. Maybe. Like landmines on monday where green square is bad for heath and every few minutes it switch to a different square

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