Swordbattle.io Server Data - FPS, TPS, PING

Have you ever seen this in swordbattle.io?
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In this tutorial I will tell you what all of these mean.

Player count is the simplest. It is simply the number of players in your server. It is not the total number of players on all servers combined.

FPS, frames per second, is how many frames you get per second. If you only get 1 fps, your game will update one frame per second. However, if you have 100 fps, your game will run very smoothly. You can increase this by getting a better computer. If you are on a school chromebook, (like most people probably are), then you will probably get around 20-60 fps, which is decent, though not the best.

TPS, ticks per second, is the health of the server. It is how fast the server is running. If you get low tps, it means something is wrong with the server, and everyone, not just you, will start lagging. If your FPS goes below the tps, you start missing information from the server. This can lead to choppy gameplay. If you’re interested in more info about TPS, here is an article about it: Tick rate usually means how many times a server calculates the state of the worl... | Hacker News

PING, latency, is a measure of how fast DATA travels from your computer, to the server, and back. It is measured in milleseconds. You may have noticed if you connect to a server in Asia, and you are in North America, or vice versa, you gameplay is much choppier than on the other server. This is because you are much farther away from that server. Some other factors are:
-Your ISP, internet service provider, affects your ping. Choosing a plan with higher mbps and GB per month will help you get lower ping.
-Wired connections, such as fiber, decrease your ping, as they are faster than airwaves of a wireless connection.
-Your internet connection speed lets you send the data packets to the server faster, thereby lowering your ping.
-Other tabs or apps. If you have a lot of other tabs open, or you are streaming, this will decrease your performance.
-Firewalls. Firewalls check data packets being sent from you to a server and vice versa. Though this only takes some milliseconds, it does increase your ping. Disabling firewalls will give you less ping, but put your computer at risk.

If you read this far, reply what server you play on ;)

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All of them

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USA 2. sometimes the first.

I’m on EU I die on the others

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