Swordbattle.io Tips and tricks! [TGFB]

With these tips and tricks, you can become the master of swordbattle.io!
1.When pvping, don’t spam attack, wait for someone to go in range, and then attack!
2. Try to team with others. Two attackers are better than 1! (unless you are being teamed on)
3. Use your evolution power-up wisely. Don’t use your tank power up (for example), unless you are on low health.
4. Make sure to break chests. DONT BREAK THE GOLD OR PURPLE CHEST IF YOU ARE SMALL! you will waste time and will most likely get killed by a big player. Instead attack chests that are brown, red or blue colored.
5. The message for friend is when somebody spins in a circle. Spin back, if you want to team with them.

For the Great Forum battle.
because hamm said that you had to ping her, here it is. @Hamm


pretty useful but i think most people know these but if ur new u should read this

Ik, but swordbattle.Io is a very simple game, and there really isn’t anything to expand on.
Maybe if there are some new updates I’ll update this.

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yea lol

very good. still missing TGFB in title…
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