Swordbattle.io v2 public server!


I have released a development server for you guys to try out v2, and tell me bugs so I can fix them before it goes live.

Check it out here: https://replit.com/@CoderGautamYT/SWORDBATTLEIO-v20-DEVELOPMENT-VERSION?v=1

Please note that v2 is still in active development, and many features are not there yet. If you find a bug though, please tell me by replying here!


Also please let me know if you find any issues with lag or fps drops


I have movement delay @_@

That may actually be due to replit, but are you having more delay than in regular swordbattle?

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I figureed out a way to shatter this games servers

how did you do that?

you shall see

just find me on the map

lol i crashed like 10 of my tabs

welp i dont have enough memory to crash your game lol

who is sthat with me

It feels kinda good but delay


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my army is complete :smiling_imp:

Hello ;)

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Screenshot 2022-11-11 9.03.16 AM

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movement is far from precise and kinda choppy… ;/
Also, it lags with multiple people

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Oh noes. I broke it :(

somehow, this feels worse than v1 ;/
(although i’m sure it wont in the furture ;) )

prob cause i had about 60 tabs open with me in the game in one spot in the far bottom right corner