swordbattle.io's biggest problem.

so ever since v2 came out, a lot of new players have been introduced to the swordbattle.io community. but…

i can’t help but notice a huge problem that causes many players to quit sb - shortterm or even longterm.

pvp isn’t fun anymore.


well, a lot of factors contribute to this, but in a few words: nowadays, servers are overrun with spawnkillers…which, granted, are annoying and do cause a lot of players a lot of annoyance.

but i think that the biggest contributing factor is runners. these people will just hold the back key and just run away from you when you try to pvp. these runners are, frankly, not fun to pvp with.

especially with the introduction of runners who steal chests at the last moment and take other’s dropped coins meant for a friend…

pvp has really made a serious decline in engagement and fun.


speed buff should be nerfed?


no its not nessacarily the speed, because even if someone were to have no speed the distance would remain constant and prolly increased due to sword throws

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I’d say they’re the reason, the bots are WAY too aggressive and SO annoying, they always interrupt fights for NO reason making it a literal 2v1 half of the time and the game would definitely be better if they were passive like in v1


i disagree, bots shouldn’t interrupt fights unless you attack them, so maybe the fix would be to increase the number of hits on a bot before agression and remove unprevoked agression.

some people want to fight bots. (in early game they are useful and if they are passive they would just keep running aimlessly making the above problem worse)

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Thats what I mean by passive, I don’t mean straight up v1 ai just more like it

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would this fix it?

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Okay, I can change the bots so they only hit when you hit first


yoo nice

also for spawnkilling, you should just make it so you can’t be damaged when you spawn but once attack someone or evolve you lose it

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PVP was never fun to begin with :skull:

Just Like The Poor Wolves

yeah i actually agree with coolguy on this (also coolguy you kinda a runner sometimes)


also, why does it take 4 hits to kill a player with 0 coins… this should seriously be changed

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sword throw recoil should be removed or reduced to less then the quarter we have rn tbh

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what happened to evolutions above tank and beserker? :sob:



when do they get re-added