Swordbattle isn’t working

I went to swordbattle.io but the only thing I saw was a blank screen.
Can someone tell me the link of swordbattle.io?

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You wait when you enter the link

swordbattle.io is the official link, but here is another that works

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@twofoursixeight @Cosmos When I press the link it finishes loading instantly (and it still shows a blank screen)

What device are you using?


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It works on that platform

what type of ipad ,ipad air?

And if it is old probably thats why

It’s a normal iPad
Edit: it’s version 16.4 but I got it when it was version 14 or something

when did you buy it?

2 years ago

Woah. Well age can’t be th reason.

Have you tried refreshing the page?